Guide for Authors


Instruction to Authors

Submission of Articles

Bi-quarterly Scholarly Journal of "Theoretical Principles of Visual Arts"  accepts research papers related to visual arts based on the fallowing principals:

Journal is ready to accept electronic manuscript of papers through journal's website

- Articles should be results of author(s) research works (Research Articles).

- Papers in form of translation, reports, notes and review articles are not accepted and won't be submitted.

- Articles submitted to this journal should not have been previously published or under publication in another journal.

- Articles should be prepared in the Persian language and follow the writing principles of this language; authors must correct typing errors and misspellings before submitting articles to the journal.

- The author(s) are responsible for the content of their articles.

- The journal's editorial board has the right to reject or revise articles.

- The articles will be accepted for publication after the referee’s confirmation as well as the Editorial Boards approval.

- Authors must translate list of Persian resources to English and include these translated Persian resources in Latin resources section and order them based on English alphabet.

- resources used in the article must be, maximum, as old as 5 years and authors must seriously avoid using very old recourses in case there are new recourses.

 Preparation of articles

-          Articles should be approximately 8000 words and 14 pages, including all sections of the article.

-          Articles must be submitted to journal's website in A4 size, WORD format.

Authors' guide:

  Authors must submit their articles in two files: 1- Authors description file 2- Article's original file and submit them through Journal's website.

1-     Authors description file must include the following:

-          Article's full title, Author(s) full name; academic title, academic faculty and University or research centre's name (for faculty members), student or graduate, grade, study field, name of the University where author(s)' got their last academic degree (for students and graduates). Mentioned information must be presented in Persian and English.

-          (Note: the author(s) name must not be repeated in other pages such as Abstract, Introduction, Body, etc.).

-          E-mail address, Postal address and Author(s) phone number

-          In case there are two or more authors; responding author must be specified.

* Notice in case author(s) are in a tuition position, title of professor must not be mentioned and only study condition must be mentioned: student or graduate and last academic degree must be mentioned.

(In case the article is based or extracted from a research project or dissertation; research project or dissertation's name must be written in first page.)

2. Article's original file

Article's main body is made of the following titles and titles related to this subject must be presented as subtitles.   

1- Persian Abstract: The Persian Abstract should contain about 200 – 250 words (including definition of problem, aim, method of research, subject of research, most important findings and conclusions).

2- Keywords: The article should contain 4-6 keywords.


3- Introduction: Including the introduction of subjects, aims of research and development of the article.


4- Research History

5- Research Method

6- Body: Containing theoretical fundamentals, studies and experiment, findings and conclusions.

7- Author(s) Notes: Author(s) notes should English equivalents as well as necessary explanations about particular expressions and points and points indicated throughout the article and must be numbered respectively at the end of the article and before references.

8- Resources

8-1 How to reference domestic and foreign resources in list of resources:

-          Persian and Latin references should be numbered alphabetically based on the author(s) family names and in the order they are cited in the text.

-          Domestic and foreign resources used in the text of article must be presented in Recourses based on APA principals:

Books (Authored) author(s) surname, author(s) first name; year of publication in brackets; complete name of the book in Bold and Italic; publication location: publication.


Book (Translated) author(s) family name, author(s) first name; year of publication for the original book in brackets; complete name of the book in Bold and Italic, translator(s) name and surname, year of translation, publication location: publication.


Article author(s) family name, author(s) first name; year of publication in brackets; journal's name in Bold and Italic, volume number; issue number (year); page number.


Dissertation:author(s) family name, author(s) first name; year in brackets, Dissertation title in Bold and Italic, name of the University.

Internet Databases:

-          In resources: in case author(s) name and surname exist, first write Author(s) full name and then URL address, review date based on day, month and year.

-          Inside the article:in case author(s) name and surname exist, first write Author(s) full name; and year of publication.

In case author(s) name and surname do not exist, write database's name and the date which text was written on website.


-          How to reference domestic ad foreign resources in text of the article: in text as fallow (Authors surname, year of publication: page number)


-          Figures, Pictures, Tables and schemes: figures, tables and schemes should be provided in the least essential numbers with proper quality of 300 DPI with TIF or JPG format, mentioning used resource, year and page number.


9- English Abstract: about 650 – 800 words (including definition of problem, aim, method of research, subject of research, most important findings and conclusions). English translation of Persian abstract is placed in this section.

10- English Keywords: including 4 to 6 words. 

11- English References: including both persian and english references.