Aims and Scope

Aims and Prospects:

 The Journal of ” Theoretical Principles of Visual Arts activities are to achieve the fallowing goals:

  • Publication and development of new researches in the theoretical Principles of  visual arts and Interdisciplinary.
  • Identifying the rich assets of Persian and world cultures and arts to researchers, university professors and art students.
  • Introducing the dignity and value of Iranian culture and arts in the field of theoretical Principles of visual arts in the international arena.
  • Orienting specialized research in the field of visual arts in Iran and the world in line with standard and up-to-date researches.
  • Transmission of Iranian Islamic ideas and thought in visual arts and its promotion and expansion in the artistic community, especially in academic, and protection of Iranian thought and works of art.
  • Creating a suitable platform for scientific communication and exchange of ideas between researchers, university professors and art students.